Words Do Make A Difference - Irene Grace

Have there been times when you said something to someone and wished you could have immediately taken it back? Well, the words within this book will let you know how the person feels when he or she has been put down, versus when a person has been complemented. People can be hurt badly by what you say or do, or be built up in the same manner.

This book was written to help people think before they say the wrong words, words which can hurt or build character, depending on the manner in which they are used.

Every one of Irene’s scriptures will touch you or someone you know, being messages from the heart. You will find Bible verses to help you understand and support her words, words and thoughts inspired by God. She will help you say the right words to others, because sometimes we just do not know what to say.

The author, Irene Grace will show you that, “Words Do Make a Difference.”

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An Incredible Journey Through life - Irene Grace

Open up your heart as you read this book - For into my soul you will take a look- You will experience love, sorrow, inspiration and fate - And hear of what God has done for all of our sake. 

Do you like travelling? Well climb aboard, come with me and take a trip through life. 

This small book of poems is written to touch the hearts and lives of the young and the old. It will reflect back to the past, the present, and then shine on the future. 

Climb on board, I’m sure you will enjoy the JOURNEY.

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