Books by Manuel C. Concepcion Jr.

Eureka... THE BRAIN

Manuel Concepcion Jr graduated with a Bachelor of English and Law degrees from Notre Dame University, Cotabato City, Philippines.

The brain is the most complex organ in the human body, and in this fascinating series of books, Manuel answers fifty questions you may have about how it functions; how it reacts differently to danger, sex, love, and many more situations.

This intriguing book, whether you are a student of the subject or interested bystander, will help you to understand more why it is that you react the way you do to different things which occur in your daily life.

This book contains question one to fifty – Look out for the next series of questions coming soon.

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The Current Almanac 


                  on Neuroscience

What facts and figures are there on the human brain? Are there genetic discoveries related to mental disorders like Alzheimer’s disease? How are parts of the brain sometimes called? Are there Nobel awards that are specifically for the brain or its relatively new science called neuroscience? Is there anything new on dreams…addiction…love and sex? What are the ongoing researches on the brain and behavior, on intelligence, and many other interesting aspects in the field of neuroscience? These are just the many questions which author, Manuel C. Concepcion, Jr. capsulized for the first time, some of the current developments on neuroscience.

To fully appreciate this book, Current Almanac on Neuroscience (2000s to Present), it is highly suggested to the readers to get copies of his previous books, namely, “Eureka...the Brain!”, “ To Think or not to Think (a Cartesian Challenge)”, both published by Woodrow Publishing and sold at

His first attempt to give basic and current information on neuroscience cannot be perfectly done. Hopefully, he can update it sometime in the future

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     Uche Ken Okologo

Twelve Essential Ingredients to 

                     Spice Up Your Marriage

Has your marriage gone sour? Has the real taste of joy in your marriage eroded, or has your relationship been invaded by conflicts or crises? Are you at the brink of divorce, your marriage turning bitter? - There is hope.

Marriage is a serious business hence, which requires the utmost commitment. With “Twelve Essential Ingredients to Spice-Up Your Marriage” as a reliable guide and manual, you can proficiently apply proportionately the necessary ingredients which will add flavor and aroma in your marriage, making it more palatable.

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