The World's Best Jokes - Ever 
                                  - Kevin Paul Woodrow

The first thing I will tell you is that I have NOT written most of these jokes, they are the product of my youth, spending many happy hours in cabaret clubs watching real comedians telling real jokes, not telling you about “What their children did that morning” or “What happened to them during a visit to this country or that,” or a female comedienne (?) telling you about “The kind of monster she turns into when having a period” – Hilarious (NOT!)

If you are of a certain age, you will remember shows like “The Wheel Tappers and Shunters Club,” with comedians like, Colin Crompton, Jethro, Frank Carson, Bob Monkhouse, Ted Ray, and of course, ‘Eastenders’ own Mike Reid.

If you are like me, where these days you can watch a ‘so called’ comedian on the TV for half an hour and only just about raise a smile, then these jokes will bring back many happy memories for you.

I challenge anyone to watch a Frank Carson set on ‘Youtube’ and NOT laugh out loud within seconds of the start. (Nobody has this effect these days - Certainly not on me.)

If you are too young to remember or know the comedians of the 70’s and 80’s, then have a read of these jokes, they may encourage you to do some research and find some entertainers who actually make you laugh out loud, and not just smile and agree.

I hope you enjoy reading the jokes within this book. I certainly had lots of fun researching and writing them.

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Colin the Bakelite-Man - David Bell

All Colin wants to do is go home at the end of a working day and have a cuppa. This proves to be quite difficult as he’s been murdered, kidnapped and resurrected and is now a captive on a spaceship and it’s a 1000 years later.

His captors blame him for the death of planet Earth, and also want to put him on their version of “Big Brother,” which is more than a good enough reason for him to escape.

He doesn't know how but realizes he’s going to need some help......

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