Susanna Southdown

Born in Brooklyn, New York in 1984, Susanna studied history and English literature in the United Kingdom at Bath University, finally graduating with an honors degree in 2006. 

She then returned to New York, USA, but left her home in Brooklyn during 2008, when she moved to the sunshine of Miami in the state of Florida, where she lives today with two cats and a Labrador named, "Archie."

Susanna makes her living as a freelance journalist, but also writes children's fantasy and humorous stories.

Introducing - Willie Wilson

Willie Wilson was born on the Caribbean Island of St. Lucia, 12th of December 1936. This is the story of how a small boy from this tiny island, came to live a lifetime in entertainment.

I first met Willie when he stepped onto the terrace of my bar in Magalluf, Mallorca back in 1994. He was carrying a box of records in his left hand and maracas in his right. I was sitting on the terrace of my Bar, “Cagney’s” and he joined me to enjoy the sunshine and a cool drink. He’d come to look for an apartment and had an appointment to view one in Edificio Trianon 1, which was located two doors up the hill from the bar.

I next met Willie two days later. As he went to walk past, he noticed me sitting in the same terrace seat and stopped to say hello. He looked worried. When I asked for the cause of his trepidation, he told me the reason was that he’d either lost his record collection, or it had been stolen.

“You’re records are inside the bar,” I told him, “I kept them safe for you.” 

I watched as that now famous Willie Wilson smile spread across his face. He’d left his records and maracas on my terrace when he’d left for his appointment. I thought he’d done this on purpose and would return for them, but when he was delayed, I put them behind the bar for safe keeping.

“Kevin, you have saved my life,” he laughed.

This was the start of a friendship which has now survived many years, which makes his story even more amazing, because he never told me or anyone about this incredible story.

In the sixties, Willie’s band played on the same circuit as “The Beatles” in Hamburg, he was friends with Gerry Marsden from “Gerry and the Pacemakers,” played live on Dutch TV supporting “Little Peggy March” singing, “I Will Follow,” and can also count movie stars of the day amongst his friends.

There are many more amazing stories you will read about within the following pages. As I say, I was amazed because he never mentioned any of this to me, as he’s such a humble man. I only knew him as “Willie the DJ and Entertainer,” who until a couple of years ago, at the age of seventy-six was the oldest working DJ in Mallorca, if not Spain.

Although not fully retired, Willie now spends his days mostly walking along Magalluf’s promenade, relaxing in the Spanish sunshine and drinking coffee on the terrace of this bar or that.

If you are ever holidaying in the resort and you see Willie, please stop by to say “Hello,” he will always make time for you. Just look for the little black man wearing the baseball cap, with the smile on his face which can light up the world. This will be my friend -

Mister Entertainment – The one and only Willie Wilson.

Kevin Paul Woodrow

Eddie Jose Morales

Eddie Jose Morales currently resides in New Jersey where he has lived most of his life. He was born in 1962 in Mayaguez, Puerto Rico, where he grew up before moving to the United States.

His passion for writing began back in high school when he wrote his first short horror story, The House of Death, for English class.

Besides writing, Eddie enjoys reading, traveling, watching television and going to the movies.

He has a college degree in English with a concentration in Creative Writing and a Master of Health Administration 

Contact Information - You can contact Eddie Jose Morales via Twitter -                                                                                                                  @morales_ej

Irene Grace

Irene Grace was born in the small town of Sparta, Georgia; being born an only child after her mother had previously lost two children, one dying during childbirth, with the other passing after two weeks. Irene became her mother’s little star. When she was three, her parents moved to Cleveland, Ohio, where she lives to this day.

Irene has been writing and singing all her life, with the two always being her passion.

Her first published work was a song she wrote when fifteen years of age, “The Wishing Well,” which was recorded by Crown Music. Then in 2003 and 2007 she wrote and recorded, “Call Him.” There were also numerous poems which she wrote and recited, as well as lyrics which became songs for others to enjoy.

She began writing, singing and performing when she was seven years old, and has been blessed to sing in churches, nursing homes, community theaters and at Severance Hall, Cleveland, Ohio.

Irene has no intentions of stopping there; God gave her a vision to set-up her own business, I.G. Creations Rainbow Greetings, where she reaches out to others with her beautifully customized and generic greeting cards, and more. The motto of the company is -

Touching lives one poem at a time.

Introducing the Author -

                   Jamie "JD" Ford

I was born in 1982 in Bradford, in the north of England but moved to the south in early childhood. After finishing school, I went on to do a variety of jobs ranging from fork lift truck driving, to earning a graphic design qualification, to working in security. I have three wonderful kids and a loving fiancé.

In 2009 I became ill, and was unable to work in anything that required me to be physical and I turned to writing. I had always enjoyed writing and becoming ill opened my mind to the possibility of becoming a writer. It quickly became my passion.

Shadestaff: Iliya's Task is my first true attempt at getting a story written and it took hold of me and refuses to let go. For me, there is no greater feeling than watching the world which I created/ take shape inside my mind, for the characters to come alive and evolve as I shape their destinies within my books.

Introducing the Author -


                           David Bell

David Bell was born in 1968 in the sea side town of Deal, Kent. By the age of ten he was living in Plymouth, Devon, and had already decided that he wanted to be involved in the creative arts.

Fortunately for David, by the time he left school, Plymouth had built one of the biggest theaters in Europe, where he found a job as a stage technician. However, a life behind the scenes was not satisfying enough, so he began acting and writing, hoping that a path would show itself.

Here he wrote short films, pop videos and comedy scripts. He also performed as an actor on stage in England, Italy and Poland. He also performed as a comedian in and around Devon and Cornwall, as well as at the Glastonbury Festival.

He now lives in Bath, Somerset, where he suffers with both chronic back pain and endless insomnia, allowing him time to revert to his first love of writing and his second love of laughing, (better than pain killers any day!)

Colin the Bakelite-Man is his first novel, but it certainly will not be his last.

Kevin Paul Woodrow

I was born in the beautiful Somerset City of Bath, on the 21st August 1956. 

Although I was born  the son of a "Master Builder," I discovered at a very young and tender age that did not know one end of a hammer from the other!

I worked for "South West Gas" in Bath from the 18th of September 1972 until the Christmas Eve of 1977, before landing a job as a professional Disc-Jockey and working for the "American Forces Radio Network" in Germany, where I worked with such groups as "The Supremes," "Rose Royce," "The Chi-lites," "The Impressions" and a very young band called, "The Commodores," before they became famous.

Because of my stint working in Germany I caught the travelling bug, and in November 1992 I moved to the crazy resort of Magalluf, on the Sunshine Island of Mallorca. I had discovered in my early teans that I had an amazing talent for consuming alcohol, and decided that the bar business was where my future lay! I owned and ran a bar in Magalluf for sixteen years.

On the day of Tuesday 31st October 2006 my life would be changed forever, and if you have not done so already, then you can read about what happened to me in my book "Letters from Mallorca." Don't worry, it's not at all a sad book, and will have you laughing out loud one minute, but yes, you may feel like crying the next.

As I have told you, I ran a bar in Magalluf for sixteen years, "Bar Cagney's," and this is the subject of my second book titled, "A Summer in Magalluf." This is the story of all the people I met, and the silly and often stupid and dangerous, alcohol fuelled things I witnessed them doing, during my time in this "Crazy Town" situated on "Fantasy Island!"

If you have ever been to Magalluf, or even Mallorca, I'm sure you will enjoy reading the book; and who knows, if you have been to Magalluf, then maybe you are IN it!

Mike Godfrey

An Introduction to the Author - Michael R.Godfrey

As you read through the pages of my book, I hope you’ll find lots of words which you can relate to, words which I have written in the form of thoughts and poetry.

At this point, I would assume that I am supposed to write in detail something about myself, but I believe the words in the pages of my books will do this for themselves. I will however tell you just a little of my background.

Unfortunately, I come from a broken home. My parents broke up when I was eleven, with me being the eldest child of six. Yes, as you can imagine, my mother sure did have a tough time of it all. For me personally, I remember it being quite devastating.

The next big thing for me was getting wed, but that ended in divorce. “Shame,” you might say, and of course you’d be right, but I suppose that’s the way things are in society today, with divorce seemingly happening to somebody all the time. After the breakdown of this relationship, I felt as though I was getting nowhere fast, to say the least.

Then after about 12 months, I met a new lover who was the most wonderful person you could ever imagine. I’m very sorry to say that this relationship is also unfortunately no longer so. During this last relationship an event happened to me that totally changed my whole perception of life, when I was involved in a car accident which caused the death of a man.

The trial took a year to be heard in court. The outcome, which was no surprise to me, was that I be sentenced to prison, and so a ten by eight cell became my home for a while. It was there where I wrote down most of my thoughts in the form of prose and poetry.

Prison was also the place where I would meet myself, and to my surprise, it was also the place where I discovered my many masks, masks of which we will all need to wear from time to time.

Manuel C. Concepcion Jr.

Introducing the Author, Manuel Concepcion Jr

Manuel Concepcion Jr graduated with a Bachelor of English and Law degrees from Notre Dame University, Cotabato City, Philippines.

An avid writer, he wrote several unpublished works: “Ignacio Ortuoste (Datu of Cotabato) a Genealogical Story of his descendants” in 2008;

“Legal Multiple Review for the Philippine Bar Examination,” in 2009; “Getting out of My Mind” (a collection of essays); “Pick My Brain,” (essays) and “The Philippine Cab Drivers Stories” (2006).

Sojourning in the Philippines, he completed most of his works during retirement. He never stops writing and visiting the American Library at the Notre Dame University, which he considers the library as the most beautiful place to gather his thoughts and ideas for the next book.

Find Manuel's books on the EDUCATIONAL page of this site

Introducing the Author -

            Kenneth Edward Lim

Kenneth Edward Lim’s early years as a writer were under trying circumstances. Fresh from college with a Bachelor of Arts degree in English, he started his career as a radio journalist in 1970, first in the southern city of Davao, then in the northern metropolis of Manila in the Philippines during the turbulent Marcos era. Besides composing news scripts for broadcast, he was sent afield to do live coverage of the unrest gathering momentum across the archipelago. More often than not, he found himself in the middle of pitched battles between student demonstrators and riot police. The bone of contention was Ferdinand Marcos’ dictatorial rule which the activists tried to destabilize with Molotov cocktails and which the police tried to defend with tear gas. During one such confrontation, a pillbox grenade went off beneath the radio patrol van from which Kenneth was transmitting his eyewitness report to the anchorman at home studio. The jolt rocked the vehicle and knocked the microphone right out of his hand while his driver floor-boarded the accelerator to get them to safety. The police later blamed the pillbox incident on the demonstrators who, in turn, blamed it on the police. It all became a moot point when finally the Marcos regime shut down Manila Times radio, ending Kenneth’s journalistic career.

The writer draws from the inkpot of life that which flows out of his pen. Such material he calls “experience” broken down into bits of “experiences” to fill his reservoir against the time when he must answer his calling and produce. Knowing that he would eventually have to hunker down and write, Kenneth treated everything that came his way as part of a smorgasbord to be sampled and ingested (shades of Jack London?).

As a collector of experiences, he undertook that role with gusto, raising bees for honey in the bush of Pontiac, Quebec, doing research on the life of First Nations artist Benjamin Chee Chee who hanged himself in a jail cell in Ottawa on his birthday, and authoring a short-lived cartoon strip, Grouse Mountain Poet, for the Vancouver Sun. To better fund his meanderings, he sold encyclopaedias from town to town all across Canada (and some parts of the United States) until the computer age swept in like a tsunami, throwing a damper on home libraries. He dabbled in real estate by offering residential tax shelters to those of the higher tax bracket, until the housing market collapsed, and investors decided to sit on their money instead. He drove a truck for a uniform rental company capitalizing on the surging service industry in North America while manufacturing jobs left for China, signalling troubled times ahead anyway.

But first and foremost among Kenneth’s experiences was the one shared with him by his father, Edward. A survivor of two world wars and various political upheavals, Edward had a stunningly beautiful tale to tell. And Kenneth decided to do the honours with, “The Geisha’s Legacy,” the first part in the “The North Korean” trilogy.” This is followed by Part 2 - "In the Warlord's Lair" and finally Part 3 - "Sasaki's Second" - 

Introducing the Author -
                            Anthony Renfro

I was born in Bristol, Tennessee, in 1972 and grew up in a little town in the Appalachian Mountains called Abingdon, Virginia. In those small town days, I fell in love with many things, among them reading. Reading was a way to escape from a town whose borders always seemed to be too tight. I discovered my love of writing in college, under the influence of various Stephen King novels. The first time I read a novel by him, I knew I would need to write for the rest of my life.

I took my time getting through college (ten years, to be exact), leaving and returning several times. I finally earned my degree in Media Writing in 2004. At the time, I intended to make a path in the screenwriting industry. I quickly found that writing screenplays did not capture me, so I turned back to writing short stories and novels. In the process, I learned to apply many screenwriting techniques to my writing. Quick, fast, and always moving forward, pumping like a heartbeat – that’s the way I shape my stories.

I also have several other loves, among them running, listening to music (heavy metal mostly), or just spending time with my family. My wife and I live with our son and two cats in central North Carolina. I am a stay-at-home dad, a total role reversal, and the most challenging job I could ever imagine. This gives me not only adequate time with my son, but also some free time to write.

You can find me at many spots on the web, but if you really need to find my center in the social media storm it would be at my blog, a poetry There you will find one other passion of mine, poetry.

Let me now take your hand on a journey into dark places. I promise that you will be scared, and you may even be terrified, but in the end you might just find you enjoyed the ride.

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