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If you are an author who has written, or are writing a book (or books) and would like to have them published FREE of charge, contact me for details, here or on my email - - Let me help you fulfill your dreams of becoming a published author, in both eBook as well as paperback form.

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Thank you for visiting my webpage, I will now try to answer any questions I think you may have as best as I can.

Question -

I would like to know something more about “Woodrow Books & Publishing” and its publishing history – released books, sold copies etc. 

I admit that “Woodrow Books & Publishing” is a very young company, which was established in December 2013. I have been a published author since 2010 and a self published author since 2011.

I met a man in Manila, Philippines last December who told me he’d written two books but didn’t know how to publish them. I told him I could do this for him and he became my first author.

I realized that there must be many thousands of people who I could help, either because of the region they live in, (maybe out of Amazon distribution area,) or they simply do not know how to format eBooks. (This is especially difficult for the e-pub version widely used in the USA.) After my years of experience in publishing my own books, both as eBooks and paperbacks, I know how to do this and know I can help people without taking advantage of them.

What I mean by this is that many publishing companies take advantage of new, unknown publishers, and charge what they call “Help with set up fees.” I know this, because in 2009 I WAS one of these stupid authors who paid for this service. I paid a company (I will not say how much, but it was substantial) to have my first book published. The book was published 29th of March 2010 and I can tell you with honesty that to this day, I have received less than £20.00 in royalties from this MAJOR publishing company. (For obvious reasons, I cannot name this company.)

I DO NOT charge any “Upfront Fees” for my services, making my money purely from sales. If your book does not sell, I make nothing. It’s for this reason that I can say to you that the day I publish your book (or books) is not the end of my work with you, it is the beginning. For financial details please email me at

Yes “Woodrow Books & Publishing” is a young company, but since the company was set up (February 2014) I have six published authors using my services, three here in the UK, one from Canada, one from the USA, the original author from the Philippines, plus of course there is me – the 7th published author. Between us all I have published 16 (sixteen) books so far THIS YEAR!

Whilst I cannot give you any sales numbers for the authors, (as I would never divulge any of your information to others,) I can tell you that my own eBooks have sold more than 12,000 copies in the past three years. Of course I cannot, and will not guarantee how well your books will sell, this depends on how much work YOU (and me) put into the sales and advertising process.

Question –

Would it be possible to specify the number of print copies to be published, what the production cost per unit is, and the retail price of both print and eBooks per unit?

The answer to this is – There will be NO copies printed in advance, as I use a “Print on Demand” service. What this means is that, when somebody sees your book advertised and orders it, depending on where they live, the book is printed (either in USA or in Europe) and then posted directly to the customer.

As there are “NO” copies printed in advance there are “NO” set up fees. The unit cost is set by YOU, I will only advise you as to what I think you should charge, but the ultimate decision will always be yours. The production price per unit is set by the number of pages the book consists of.

Your book (books) will be advertised and sold on Amazon in the UK – USA – Canada – Australia – India – Japan – Mexico – Spain – Portugal – Germany and Italy. In total, your eBooks will be available in 70 countries all over the world. In addition to this, six to eight weeks after paperback publication, your book will be available for sale in book shops in the USA. (I cannot guarantee that bookshops will take up this offer, as it obviously depends on how good your book is.)

I stress again that the first day your book is published is NOT the last day you will deal with me. I will be with you every step of the way - FOR LIFE.

You can contact me at

                              Best wishes

                   Kevin Paul Woodrow

“Woodrow Books & Publishing”